Update from Superintendent Mark Campbell

To all CUSD Parents/Guardians
In an effort to keep you updated with factual information regarding CUSD’s ongoing work in addressing our budgetary issues, I provide the following information.
The CUSD Board of Trustees will consider approving a plan of cuts/reductions, either on 8/23 or 9/2 —to occur in a two phase process (potentially all to take effect in the 2015/16 school year).

Phase I—reducing staffing by 5 elementary teachers, 2 middle school teachers and one teacher at CHS as well as elimination of Pre-School programs (classified staff), cuts to three administrative positions and cuts to our Maintenance Department.

Phase II—if we can’t find alternative options/ideas to decrease expenditures and/or increase revenue by December, we would look at school closures (consolidation of small schools and/or closure of Toyon) as well as cuts/reductions to Music and Sports.

This two-phase plan allows us some flexibility of timeline in order to explore any and all opportunities to find solutions that will help us to make some degree of adjustments to the list of cuts/reductions. Please understand, we have to find 1.8 million in cuts for 2015/16 and another million for 2016/17 (given current conditions, which could change). This is a monumental task ahead—maintaining fiscal solvency and maintaining as high-quality of program as we possibly can. However, it is clear that keeping our Athletic and Music programs intact is a high priority, and thus we will do all we cCUSDan, looking at all internal and external options, to preserve our programs.

Moving forward, focusing on solutions, we plan to coordinate a district-wide CUSD Budget Advisory Committee. With representatives from each site, bargaining units, school board and at-large community members, we seek to collectively analyze all aspects of our budget and programs to identify other ideas and options to increase revenue, decrease expenditures and work to mitigate the full impact of the oft-mentioned list of cuts/reductions we are grappling with. Our energy will be invested in finding ways to minimize the impact of pending cuts/reductions on programs closest to kids.

It will take an effort that is creative and collaborative to see this through—and I have every belief and intention that this community will rise to the challenge accordingly. It is a bit “dark” at the moment, but every day there are tremendous things happening in classrooms, school sites and offices that shine a ‘light” in the darkness and benefit our kids. We will continue to look for, and expand, our ability to shine the “light”, every day.


Mark Campbell
Calaveras Unified

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