Sept 2 Update from CUSD

Budget Issue Calaveras in CrisisTo all CUSD Parents/Guardians,

Keeping you updated as to the latest events regarding CUSD’s budgetary situation, based upon our most recent board meeting (last night).

The attached document is the CUSD Fiscal Recovery Plan (as approved by our school board, as submitted to Calaveras County Office of Education). It outlines proposed cuts/reductions and applicable timelines, necessary to meet our financial obligations.

Please note that all cuts/reductions outlined in Phase II are under consideration only. These areas will be the subject of significant discussion, debate and analysis in board meetings to come in October thru December. No decisions have been made to cut/reduce any item on this list.

Also, as referenced in the final paragraph, significant energy will now be spent on concurrent efforts to work with staff, parents/community and all stakeholders to look for all possible ideas/options to protect programs and students. There is no doubt that cuts/reductions have to be made, to some degree. However, the objective is to explore any and all viable options to offset the impact of cuts/reductions in any of the areas under consideration.

Thank you to all for taking the time to increase your understanding and awareness, as well as for your patience and resolve ongoing. This is a collective team effort in a very challenging time, as we continue to see the impact of declining enrollment/funding. That said, I have every reason to believe in our unified capacity, now and in the years to come, to keep CUSD as strong and viable as possible.

Mark Campbell


Click to download the 2014-09-03-17-20-46_CUSD—District Fiscal Recovery Plan (1)

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