Coach: Anne-Katherine Smith

Assist Coach: Brandon Milo and Brenda Bayers

# of athletes on your team: 14 Varsity play each match, 30+ play exhibition matches if opposing team has extra athletes (no official JV team)

My goal is to field a team of talented, competitive tennis players that can challenge any team in the league or section. We have placed well in the Mother Lode League each of the three years I have coached the team, and have participated in the playoffs each of those years. In addition, last season we sent eight players (out of fourteen for the league) to the San Joaquin Section Singles and Doubles Tournament.

Team highlights: Last season we had four players on the Mother Lode All-League Team: Leah Bayers, Blake McGourty, Chance Tanner, and Kaylin Hedstrom.

How long have you been coaching this team? Three seasons, 2015 will be my fourth.

What does it cost per year to run your program? I do not know, that number is not given to coaches. The district gives us several cases of practice and match balls and provides transportation for the team. I receive a stipend, my assistants do not. Players provide their own equipment and buy their own uniforms. The main issue for me is the unsafe, deplorable conditions of our courts. They “patched” the cracks in the courts last year (during the season) but did not complete the project. Already, patched courts are cracking again and weeds are growing through the cracks. In addition, the courts are next to the baseball field with little or no protection from foul balls. The courts are also facing east/west, which is incorrect for tennis due to issues of looking directly into the sun during play. They need to be bulldozed to the ground and rebuilt with proper protection and direction and drainage. It bothers me that we have a beautiful stadium and at one end is the ugliest most unsafe tennis courts in the league. I have had teams request that our matches be played at their courts to avoid ours.

Wish list:

New courts and equipment. I would like four or five north/south facing courts with high fences/netting to protect us from the baseball field. Lights should be adequate to light each court equally. Each court should have two benches for players’ equipment and rest during matches. We already have two sets of bleachers, I would like them permanently placed for maximum viewing and covered for shade. Some landscaping to get rid of the weeds and gravel would be nice on the viewing side of the courts. Better scoring placards for each court would be awesome. More practice balls would be helpful to run a year around program of off-season play. I would like to have better access to cold water for athletes during practice and match play.

Do you need any volunteer help? If yes, for what? Volunteers are always needed to help fundraising.