Water Polo


Team-Girls and Boys varsity Water Polo

Coach-Randy Conley

Assist Coach-Tim Runion

# of athletes on your team-12 Girls and aprox 25 boys

This is our fourth season and the team membership keeps growing every year.  We are an “Independent team” playing McNair, Stagg, Franklin and Tracy High.  This season we will have over 10 games in 2 months and are very excited about our sport.  We have two, two day tournaments at McNair high school for both girls and boys playing, four games with total of six teams participating. We are looking forward to a great season of sportsmanship and fun.

First game on Sept 6th against McNair @ Calaveras

How long have you been coaching this team? Randy two years, Tim four years

Did you coach any other teams at Calaveras? Randy has heavy participation with swim. Tim helped a little two seasons ago.

What does it cost per year to run your program? Last year approx $4,000.

What type of fundraising does your team do?  Swim-a-thon, raffle tickets.

Wish list (anything you need to make managing your team better, easier, etc.

  • Replacement balls at $40 each.
  • We really need 10 girls and 10 boys replacement polo balls.
  • New nets for the cages by next year.

Do you need any volunteer help? If yes, for what are?  Drivers for game participation.

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